Racism in disney films essay

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Racism in disney films essay

Traditional media racism is found at several points in Pocahontas.

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The film begins by showing British sailors at port, ready to sail for what they call the "New World. The notion of all characters identifying with whiteness by default, another form of traditional media racism, bears its head at another point in the story, when John Smith and Pocahontas meet for the first time.

John Smith is standing on a rock, and the film places no particular emphasis on any aspect of his body. By contrast, Pocahontas is standing in the midst of swirling fog, and the scene contratres on her dark, and comparatively exotic eyes. The juxtaposition of these two main characters established John Smith as the default, normal character, while Pocahontas is the exotic, new "Indian.

While the concept of spirit is important to Powhatan culture, it is the only aspect of culture portrayed in Pocahontas. However, while there are isolated incidents of racism in the film, there fails to be an obvious overall message of Native American inferiority to the audience children viewing the film.

The settlers are obviously racist, but also possess other undesirable characteristics, such as greed and cowardice. The governor of the settlers, Governor Ratcliffe, also champions the vices of lust, envy, laziness, and gluttony.

The portrayal of the settlers with many deplorable characteristics, including racism, would make their stance to children very undesirable. Furthermore, while the hopeful colonizers carry philosophies infused with bigotry, no members of the Powhatan tribe internalized these ideas.

Rather, they actively asserted their ownership of the land, as shown by their preparation for war with the settlers.

Racism in disney films essay

Smith discusses his opinions of the "new" land with Pocahontas, who puts up a strong defense to his words. She then proceeds to sing "Colors of the Wind" to Smith, who is thereafter convinced of the immorality of his conquest.

Once the ideas of racial superiority are no longer endorsed by Smith, they loser popularity with most of the settlers. Although the antagonists of Pocahontas are racist, because they are synonymous with other starkly negative qualities, there is not an overall racist message sent to viewers of the film.

The strongest aspects of racism are all found in relation to the fact that the history of English settlers in "The New World" was substantially changed by the Disney scriptwriters. The facts of what really occurred were altered to suit the Disney agenda.

For example, Pocahontas would have met John Smith when she was just entering puberty, not when she was a voluptuous young woman Warner.

Race and Ethnicity in Walt Disney's Animated Movies | Sascha Scheuren - nationwidesecretarial.com

It is also factually inaccurate to portray a love story between the two characters, as John Smith and Pocahontas never fell in love Ibid. The two protagonists of the film were not responsible for the mollification of tension between their respective racial groups Ibid.

The historical Pocahontas probably never ran around the forest with a raccoon and a bird, yet the film Pocahontas does just this on severalThe objective of Disney films was to transport it’s viewers to a magical realm of enchantment and endless possibility.

Disney offered a supposed alternate paradigm in which there was the promise of a “Happily Ever After”. Racism in Pocahontas The film Pocahontas, produced by Walt Disney films, portrays the tension between the Powhatan tribe and English settlers during the establishment of Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in the "New World.".

Monicatti(1(Ashley(Monicatti(ProfessorCheu(WRA(27(November((EvolutionofDisney((Disney(has(been(known(to(have(racial(messages(located(within(their(movies. The Disney Movies You Grew Up with Are Incredibly Racist Turns out some of your favorite films — from Fantasia to Aladdin, Dumbo to The Little Mermaid – are downright offensive.

by Kat George. Racism in Disney animation movies Write a paper that discusses referential, symptomatic, explicit and implicit racism in these four disney movies: Aladdin, Pocahontas, the Little Mermaid and Princess and the Frog.

Children in the Western world grow up watching and loving the ideals propagated by Disney movies. Further studies of these undertones present in the movies reveal that racism is not only a part of the society but is also being instilled in the young generation that has barely learned to understand the dynamics of this concept.


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